Citadel Realms

Citadel Realms

Citadel Realms

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Citadel Realms - Android Gameplay HD

Citadel Realms Strategy Game First Look Gameplay ✪ Citadel Realms Game by FunPlus (iOS & Android)

Citadel Realms (Android) - gameplay.

Build your own Citadel, train your own troops, use tactical formations to defeat the enemy’s Citadel!
A whole horde of army troops await your leadership and governance.
Forge a strong Alliance or join others, to resist and vanquish the Dark Shadow; to bring everlasting peace and unity!
Experience this and more, all in high quality graphics!

✪ Gather resources, develop your Citadel and build your own ideal empire!
✪ Form your own troops from the wide range of creatures that roam the realms: Archers, Mages, Cyclops, Goblins, Minotaurs and many many more!
✪ Forge invincible Alliances with other players across the world. Join an Alliance, protecting yourself from savages across the realms and prospering as a team.
✪ Test your might against the Dark Shadow, win and have your Citadel acclaimed across all the realms!
✪ Classic SLG system that can perfectly reflect your superb strategy!
✪ Upload your own pictures as your Avatar to find your friends easier!
✪ Challenge almighty BOSSES with the help of your allies to harvest wealth and riches!
✪ A vast collection of equipment that can be Enhanced, Smelted and suited according to your needs!
✪ Pick and mix with your choice of Heroes, level them and advance their skills to make them stronger!
✪ A Campaign mode, where you can try out new strategies before taking on harder opponents.

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